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Mushroom Spores Direct

Focus Mushroom Tincture

Focus Mushroom Tincture

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About Our Focus Mushroom Tincture

Our functional mushroom tinctures are double extracted and contain 30% USDA organic grain alcohol.  Mushroom Spores Direct's distillation extraction process yields the highest potency, bringing out all the beneficial terpenes and polysaccharides in the fungi. The 66 MG/ML filled in a 2 fl oz bottle is an industry standard and complements any wellness goals.

Multi-mushroom blend tinctures for sale

The FOCUS mushroom tincture is our flagship blend known for its uniquely wild fungi.  Turkey Tail is an immunity booster, Reishi keeps you alert, Chaga helps with anxiety, Birch Polypore aids in digestion and Late Fall Oyster has anti-tumoric properties.

mushroom tincture was developed after years of foraging different mushrooms.  It's the best overall wellness blend.

  • 2 FL OZ (66 MG/ML)
    • Reishi, Chaga, Birch Polypore, Turkey Tail and Late Fall Oyster.

Dosing instructions for Mushroom tinctures

66 MG/ML can last a user anywhere from 1 week to 1 month. Since this mushroom tincture produces no intoxicating effects, we suggest one full dropper twice daily for overall wellness enhancement.

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