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Clarity Mushroom Capsules

Clarity Mushroom Capsules

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About Our Clarity Mushroom Capsules

Our organic mushroom capsules contain a 500 MG blend formulated for you to function at your highest level.  Derived from 100% fruiting bodies only, these vegan capsules dissolve effortlessly for maximum absorption and can be taken as a daily nutritional and dietary supplement.

Functional Multi-mushroom blends for sale

The CLARITY mushroom blend pairs Lions Mane (cognition), Cordyceps (energy, endurance) and Reishi (anti-fatigue) to provide a clear mind and pathway through daily life.

  • 500 MG per capsule (30 capsules total)
    • Lions Mane (250 mg), Reishi (150 mg), Cordyceps (100 mg).
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